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We’re Menkind, a gift and gadget retailer that’s all about fun, geeking out, embracing your inner child, and being weirder than broccoli-flavoured ice cream. We sell gifts that are really worth giving and that range from licensed products to personalised items to tech. And, if we can’t find an existing product that we want to sell, we just create it ourselves!

Menkind: Not Just For Men!
Yes, we may have ‘men’ in our name, but... it's only a name. That’s our way of saying that we have loads of products that suit guys, girls, and geeks of all ages. We’re all for offering cool stuff to absolutely everyone, and you should essentially treat the ‘men’ in our name like rain at a festival… just ignore it.
A Brief History of Almost Everything Menkind

Menkind started in 2001 as a gift shop that offered I’d-really-like-that-for-myself kind of gifts, and that’s still our passion. We aim to offer an all-out fun experience for anyone who shops with us. But, since we began, we’ve grown a lot, expanded our target audience, and even had tech brand RED5 join our ranks.
Not to brag, but we have more stores than a busy squirrel in winter. Our shops are spread across England, Scotland, and Wales and we also have numerous concessions in places like Hamleys and Selfridges. Also, much like an eccentric relative, we like to pop up at Christmas! We open an additional 30 or so pop-up shops over the Christmas period, making sure that we’re as present as Father Christmas himself.

What Makes Menkind Special
Our product range is as extraordinary as an empty motorway on a Monday morning. We offer interesting and exciting products for just about anybody, with gifts ranging from licensed fan merch to Secret Santa stocking stuffers to proper tech.
But, what really sets us apart is that we have a sense of humour. Yes, we put a lot of thought into the products that we offer, and we are fully committed to giving our customers an amazing experience, but we take ourselves about as seriously as the ‘wash with like colours’ tag on a t-shirt.

So, if you want to give a gift that’s full of fun, come to the company that’s full of fun, too…. Menkind!


Monday - Saturday: 9:00am - 5:30pm
Sunday: 10:30am - 4:30pm


Tel: 01942 321120

Click here - www.menkind.co.uk