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10:30AM - 4:30PM

Wigan Casino

Keep the faith – celebrating 50 years of Northern Soul where the iconic Wigan Casino hosted the first of its legendary all nighters. Around 600 people were there on the first night in September 1973. Fifty years on the soul stays strong.

The site of the Wigan Casino is now marked with a blue plaque inside the Grand Arcade, located next to Pandora on the lower mall.

Visitors can experience the history of Wigan Casino throughout September and October with an exciting programme of events and exhibitions taking place across the town.

Visit the Casino Café upstairs in the Grand Arcade to see the Wigan Casino photographic gallery of all nighter promotional posters, images of dancers and DJ’s. Not forgetting the Wigan Casino cabinet displaying a selection of memorabilia.

50 Years On The Soul Stays Strong Exhibition. 

Includes work by acclaimed artist Dean Chalkley  and Willian Titley, alongside newly commissioned work by students from Wigan and Leigh College.

Location: Grand Arcade

When: 21st September – 21st October 2023 (Thursday to Sunday) 10am-4pm – FREE event.