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10:30AM - 4:30PM

Le Petit Four

Here’s another Spotlight On from one of our longest serving retailers Le Petit Four Cafe. We’ve been speaking to the owner Nicola to find out more about the company.

Describe your business: We’re an independent cafe, serving breakfast, lunches and homemade specials. We offer wide selection of drinks from tea & coffee to Frappes and Milkshakes. We also have a lunchtime takeaway serves for those workers who don’t have time to sit down.

Tell us about the history of the company:  I started working at LP4 in 2007 as the manager, in 2009 i took over the business.

What’s the best thing about working for your company?  The relationships you build with customers, it’s so nice to see people coming back every week. You really do get to know some of our loyal customers, and they families very well.

Who are your customers and why do they shop with you? We have a mix of customer who dine with us. We have a strong repeat visit from the older generation who like to have lunch out with friends. They keep coming back because of the good food we serve, and great service from our friendly staff.

What is your best seller?  Our English breakfast is a big hit and toasted tea cakes.

How long have you been a retailer in Grand Arcade? We opened in the Grand Arcade recently – May 2022

What’s the best thing about being a retailer in Grand Arcade? Being part of a community of national name stores and smaller independents. Good support from the management team.

Why should people shop local?  To help small independents stay in business so we can continue to protect local jobs for my staff.