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It’s time for another Spotlight On, this week we’ve been speaking to the store Manager Harry at Waterstones Wigan
Describe your business: Waterstones is the last surviving national bookshop chain with 310 shops covering the entire UK, selling a wide range of books covering every topic imaginable as well at stationary and gifts, board games, greeting cards, trading cards and toys. Waterstone supports various literary awards, including the Waterstones Children’s Laureate, the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, the Waterstones Book of the Year, and Waterstones Debut Fiction Prize.
Tell us about the history of Watersones: Waterstones opened in 1982 and was formed  by Time Waterstone.
How many members of staff do you have? In Waterstones Wigan there are five members of staff.
What’s the best thing about working for Waterstones: Working with other like minded people who all love books and the discount doesn’t hurt! As book sellers we get to recommend the books we love to our customers.
Who are your customers and why do they shop with you? We have something here for everyone – whatever your literacy preference. We endeavour to make sure customers find the perfect book whenever they shop with us. Waterstones Plus offer a generous customer loyalty membership club which gives shoppers access to latest book releases, incredible readers offers, and a stamp and save scheme.
What is your best seller? Our best selling books vary each week. Waterstones ‘Books of the Month’ always go down well with our customers.
What do you like most about being a retailer in Grand Arcade; General logistical support, Grand Arcade staff are always on hand to help. We also get to participate in the centre’s events which allows us to theme our kids books around whats going on in the centre at key times.
Why should people shop local? Shopping in person opposed to online means that customers can speak to a human who is likely to recommend books and answer queries quicker and easier. Shopping local also helps keep people in jobs.